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Welcome back, and thoughts on Terri Shiavo - the_right_ideal

About Welcome back, and thoughts on Terri Shiavo

Previous Entry Welcome back, and thoughts on Terri Shiavo Mar. 21st, 2005 @ 11:44 pm Next Entry
Hi everyone. It's been a while since I have had a column in the community. Things have been really busy with 6 classes, projects, and thinking of a possible job offer which would have me move to Minneapolis, MN. Thanks for keeping the community rolling and come on guys...let's update some more.

General stuff first. First, welcome back to stupify_me. It's nice to see you back in the community. Also, welcome to the new members that have joined in the recent month. Today we are at 239 members on bush_cheney_04. It's nice to see all of you here. Thank you to all who have kept that community rolling over the past 8 months. We will celebrate 1 year on July 5th, 2005. I never thought we would become as big like we are now but thanks to the efforts and thoughts of all of you, we have created a great community. Keep up the great work in here.

Now to the heavy lifting part of the entry.

As many of you know, there is a huge debate on the life of Terri Shiavo going on currently. Just to give some background on this case, Terri had suffered a massive heartattack back in 1991 and since that time has remained in a hospital bed. Because of this, she has required a feeding tube to help keep her alive. Now, there is a huge debate here. Terri's parents want her on the feeding tube to help keep her alive. Her husband Michael wants the tube removed thus allowing her to die. There are a few issues I want to raise here.

Now, I am not taking any sides here on the issue. We all know that the Florida courts had approved the removal of the tube, which is against the parents' wishes yet aligns with her husband's wishes. The federal courts have blocked this and have determined that the tube be reinserted until it can be determined what the best course of action would be.

There are some differing opinions here The conservatives do in fact value the sanctity of human life. It is very evident since we are taking a cautious approach and want to determine what the facts indeed are before deciding any couse of action whether it would be blocking the removal of the tube or allowing for it to be removed. The democrats have a very different opinion on this. They don't mind if the tube is removed and essentially see her life as a waste.

Remember that the democrats have taken a laxed approach to human life in the form of advocating abortion, the partial birth abortion, and in the Schiavo case, the right to die. The conservatives however do not like to see abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or when it is endangering the life of the mother. It is more of a moral issue.

There are several facts here. First, Terri is not on life support. There is brain activity and even though she is not able to physically eat with her hands and mouth, she is gaining nutrition through a feeding tube to keep her alive. There haven't been any reports of organ failure and some reports are even saying that she can still possibly communicate. The thing that troubles me is that the liberal left is so quick to jump to conclusions and just saying she should die essentially. Doesn't the Declaration of Independence guarantee us with certain inalienable rights, which include the right to LIFE?

Congress has acted and they want this in the federal courts. The big thing that I would want to see is for us to be on the side of caution and learn all of the facts first before deciding that a tube should be removed. I mean, she is not on life support, still has brain activity, and still has organ function. She can breathe on her own without a respirator which is a key thing. Before determining the right to die, lets learn all of what is really happening and then make an educated decision based on what is truth. Let's not rush to haphazard conclusions that will cause us to question the decision later. "it's better to measure twice and cut once."

The thing that irritates me about this is that yes, people do determine that they want to die sometimes. And if they are so crazed on killing themselves, thats their perrogative. However, I also agree that living life the way that Terri Shiavo is right now on a hospital bed does in fact suck. However, there have been times when people who do remain in a coma for some time do emerge out in some cases. There is always that possibility that the condition could improve though it is remote in many cases. What were Terri's wishes? If Terri Shiavo could tell us right now what she would want, what would it be? Noone knows.

I will say if she had written out in a legal document that she would not want to be kept alive by artifical means, then that is a decision that would be followed by the medical staff. However if she did not, her husband really has no legal ground to say she would not want to be kept alive. The truth is we don't know what that thought is and therefore should not rush to let her die. Let's take the time, do things right, and be 100% sure we are taking the correct course of action.

As for the democrats...they can stop being way off base on this. It is purely evident that they are trying to flaunt themselves as the majority still.

As always, comments are welcome.
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