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I'm don't know where he is right now, some security thing, but… - the_right_ideal

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I'm don't know where he is right now, some security thing, but he's part of the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment and has been there for a while now.

Anyway, the email. I'll censor it just to be safe...

hey zack, sorry i got limited time on here today, so i'll make this quick.

i got kinda bored yesterday and started thinking politically and all that **** and was thinking about how I really didn't care about politics when I shipped off, but now i'm a raving conservative like you. kinda made me wonder about the other guys around here and if they reacted to all that ******** that's going on in washington.

yeah...aparently everybody's like me. we dont listen to much news or anything, but any time we do we always hear this ****ing dumb *** ******** spewing out of the mouths of those ****ing idiots like hilary and kerry and **** and it really pisses us off (obviously). so i did a quick survery and found out that something like 85% of my batt leans conservative, and the rest still dont give a rat's *** about it anyway. there's only two lib guys, and they were like that from before they got here. they're allright though, i guess.

it's pretty demoralizing too. sometimes we feel like we have nobody backing us over here and that everything we're doing is for naught. occasionally there's a thought that creeps into the back of my head that says that we should just stay here, because at least we're loved here. any dumb*** can see that. but i know that we got alot more backers back home than we'll ever know.

i just find it funny that the people over there don't really know whats going on over here, and that we over here don't know whats going on over there.

That was basically the gist of it. The rest was just some personal stuff.

So...the bile that the left in the Senate and House seems to demoralize our troops and turn them to conservativism.

Go figure.

Thing is...I don't know whether I want them to stop it or not. Heh...

(x-posted to alot of conservative communities...)
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Date:December 6th, 2005 10:00 am (UTC)
That's pretty much what happened to me. I joined the Army during the Reagan Administration, and got shipped off to fight in Panama. I was a Conservative Republican, then, I'm a Conservative Republican, now. Before that, I was a liberal democrat, because I'd been raised by them, but, for whatever reason, I just seemed to grow out of it on my own.

The day America's been wiped clean of the vindictive bile of the Clintons, the Kerrys, the Liebermans, the Carters, the Turners, the Koppels, the Gores, the Jacksons, the Sharptons, the Farrakhans, the O'Connors, the Granholms, the Clooneys, the Streisands, the Geres, the Mahrs, the Jaggers, the Goldbergs, the Madonnas, the O'Briens, the Winfreys, the Glovers and all the rest of their ilk, the better off the nation will be.
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