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Date:April 25th, 2005 01:49 am (UTC)
Why is it that everyone is sooo hung up liberal this and conservative that? Do those titles mean much? As a member of an extremely service oriented family (I leave for basic this summer myself) I believe that one should always support men and women who take the initiative to join the military. However, an important part of that support is making certain to question the government as to how well troops are being supplied to complete a mission, what the mission is REALLY supposed to accomplish, and whether or not said mission is worth the number of casualties. While I am familiar with the basic issues at hand concerning current events in the middle east, the sad part is that I had to rely on my own research to find out. The officials that I VOTED INTO OFFICE havent bothered to leave me with much further than horrible vague and unintelligible data. One thing I really dont understand is where those vests and AK-47'S came from... Even in the Iraqi hayday of the 80's and 90's, the country didnt seem industrialized to the point of being capable to internally produce such weaponry (but thats just my opinion). Another question to ask is why Islam (which translates as "peace") has developed a radical sect hell bent on the destruction of the west beginning with our military? Such an atmosphere as the one described by the Marine has the smell of squalor... much like the squalor of Liberian citizens who faught a civil war over a BRIDGE so that food and supplies could be syphoned into the country. (We caused this)
Or how about the mess in Sierra Leone (our British friends caused this). How about Rwanda? We all are spellbound by this now that a motion picture has been created, but I recall having seen this on the news daily when I was in middle school. So America was aware, but really chose to do nothing. Haiti is a really good one. People living in poverty tend to be a little bit radical, especially when they are RIGHT NEXT to the US and recieve little support. But our military deployed units on a potentially DEADLY mission to remove their president as opposed to passing supplies out in the slums, or warding of rebels. I gotta go.... my ride is here. But I do have a point that I want to make and it neither serves to bitch or to bash, but to stop finger pointing and generate question asking. Semper Fi to the Marine, and thank you for your service.
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